To post a single job for 30-days, it is $50.

If you have multiple jobs to post, you can select unlimited 30-day job postings for $150.

In addition, should we be the ones to place a candidate, you are agreeing to a $500 finders fee.

Your job(s) will be posted for 30-days at a time.

Upon placement of this order, you will be billed immediately for the job posting. 

In addition, if we are the ones to place a candidate, you will receive a $500 finders fee bill from us at that time.

Your job posting will be seen by the daily traffic to our website and our job board. Additionally, in step 1 of the job posting, you selected the other locations you would like us to promote this position (Email List, LinkedIn Page, Instagram Page, Facebook Page).

You can edit everything related to the job description, job requirements, minimum qualifications, etc. The only thing you cannot change is the job location.

In step 1 of setting up this job posting, you selected an email address you wanted the applicant information to be delivered to and/or a website/URL for the applicant to apply directly on your website. If you entered an email address, you will receive all the applicant’s information immediately upon submission of their application.