Click on the “Post a Job” tab from the Main Menu drop down under “Jobs”.

1. Post Your Job: There are two (2) steps to posting your job.

For “Step 1: What job do you want to post?”, complete the required fields:

    1.  Company: 
    2. Company Website: If applicable
    3. Job Title: Select the job title of the position you are looking to fill. Note that if you do not see the job title listed in the drop down menu, select “Other” and then type in the job title for the position.
    4. Location (City): Type in the city or cities for your position.
    5. Location (State): Select the state for your position.
    6. Location (Country): Select the country for your position.
    7. Employment Type: Select the employment type for this position.
    8. Job Description: Enter the full job description for your position.
    9. How would you like to receive applications?: Select to be notified by email or for the applicants to apply on an external website/url.
    10. Select which additional locations would you like us to post about your job opening.

Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page to be taken to the Screening Questions.

For “Step 2: Add screening questions”, these questions are optional and, if selected, each applicant will be required to answer these questions prior to submitting their application to your position.

Click the “Proceed to Checkout” button at the bottom of the page to be taken to the Checkout page.

2. Secure Checkout: You will be required to select if you want to post a single job for 30-days or you want to post unlimited jobs for 30-days. 

After entering your billing information, click the “Post Job” button.

3. Thank You Page: You will see confirmation of your job post and any additional details.

Upon submission of your job posting, we will reach out if we have any additional questions about the position. 

Within 48-hours, your open position will posted on our job board.