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For Those Of You Wanting To Get Hired In Medical Sales - Without Wasting Time, Money and Energy

*IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers

*Kolby is a medical sales rep who has helped many people get hired in the industry. His success and the success of those he has helped are not typical. Their experiences are not a guarantee you will get hired in the industry.

This is the best program I have…

If you are highly motivated to get into the Medical Sales industry, but haven’t been able to get your foot in the door, this is the program for you.

It doesn’t matter if you have industry experience or not.

It doesn’t matter if you have sales experience or not.

Sure, that experience would be good to have but most people I work with don’t have industry experience and a small percentage have sales experience.

What’s more important than industry experience or sales experience is having the right strategy for getting hired.

That’s why I created this program.

I wanted to give people like you the right strategy for getting hired as a Medical Sales rep.


I have been in Medical Sales my entire career and have been personally hired 5 times within the industry. I have also been involved in the hiring of 5 Medical Sales Reps as a Sales Manager.

On top of that, I have helped countless people get hired as Medical Sales Reps through my Online Programs, Podcast, YouTube Channel and Private Coaching Sessions. 

I share this with you not because I want to brag, but because the only reason you care about a program like this is if you’re confident it can help you get what you want…

Getting hired as a Medical Sales Rep.

If you’re going to be taking advice from somebody, regardless if you are paying for it or not, you need to know that the advice you’re getting has been proven and tested in the real world.

You can be confident that the ideas and techniques you will learn in this program have been developed and refined over time to be the absolute best strategies for getting hired.


Why is this program special? Because what you learn in this program will be transferrable to getting hired in any sales role in any industry.

Let’s say you wanted to switch industries in the future and sell something other than Medical Devices. The exact same techniques in this program would be what you would need to use to get hired for any other sales role in the future.

I have people who follow me and listen to my content who aren’t even in Medical Sales.

They are in Sales in a different industry but they find the advice and techniques are getting them results selling different products than what I sell.

Similarly, the techiques for getting hired as a Sales Rep aren’t specific only to Medical Sales. 

Getting hired as a Sales Rep in any industry comes down to knowing who to introduce yourself to, what to say when you introduce yourself, how to grow that network of key personnel, how to get an interview, how to stand out in the interview process, how to close the interview(s), etc…

Learning how to get hired is a skill set that most people don’t have and don’t realize how bad it’s hurting them.

They don’t understand the psychology of hiring – they don’t understand what they need to do to get hired over the other candidates who have more experience.

This program will teach you that…


Resume & Cover Letter

You need a good resume & cover letter so that you can grab the attention of the person reading it and generate immediate interest in you.

How To Find Open Positions

The first step in getting hired is finding the positions that are available. You will learn where to find the open positions that are posted publicly, along with the ones that aren't.

What Do You Say?

First impressions mean a lot and the way you introduce yourself to new connections can make your break your opportunity. You can't be needy and you can't say what everyone else says.

Getting The Interview

Getting hired is all about being able to get interviews. There is both an Art and Science to getting interviews and we teach you both in this program.

Preparing For Interviews

Most open positions will have tens to hundreds of candidates applying for them. The real work starts when you get an interview on the books.

Getting The Job

For an employer to select you above everyone else, many things have to go right in the interview process. And often it's one thing that can turn them off from hiring you.


If you are not completely satisfied with this program, simply send us an email at within the first 30-days and we will give you a no-questions asked refund.



  1. Big Picture Hiring Strategy
  1. Purpose of Your Resume
  2. Email Service Provider
  3. How To Structure Your Resume
  1. Purpose of Your Cover Letter
  2. Structure of Your Cover Letter
  1. Medical Sales Target Markets
  2. Ask People who are Doing the Actual Job
  1. Selling the Best Product
  2. Company Sizes to Target
  3. Reading Financial Reports
  4. Force Rank Your Top Companies
  1. Job Postings: Public vs Private Companies
  1. Your Personal Profiles
  1. Who Will Actually Hire You?
  2. How to Grow Your Network
  3. Who do You Want in your Network?
  4. How Many People to Network With
  1. LinkedIn Message
  2. Email Message
  3. Social Message


  1. The Hiring Process Overview
  1. “A Message To Garcia”
  2. 1 Kick A Dayfor 1000 Days
  3. How You Sound vs How You Think You Sound
  4. Company History
  5. Backgroundn on Interviewer
  6. Financial Reports for Public Companies
  7. Finding Common Ground and Common Enemies
  8. Body Language During the Interview
  1. What’s in it for Me?
  2. Your Work History
  3. Personal Examples of Everything
  4. Use “We” and “Us”
  1. Reasons Not To Hire You
  2. Track Record of Job Changes
  1. Tangible Examples
  1. Interview Questions List (Download)
  1. Questions You Ask The Interviewer
  1. Questions To Avoid
  1. How To Close the Interview
  1. Types of Personality Tests
  1. How to Prepare Interview Presentations
  1. How and When to Send Thank You Messages
  1. How To Accept The Position