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*IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers

*This program does not guarantee you any results with getting hired as a medical sales rep or with selling products to Surgeons. These trainings have proven to be effective for many medical sales reps but a lot of factors determine the success of each individual rep.

High-level institutions are using this information to teach their students…and charging way more for it…

The training and content that I provide is currently being taught at the University Level and at the Medical Sales College.

People that go to the Medical Sales College and multiple students who are taking Sales Courses at the University Level have reached out to me because they were being trained on my material in their courses.

Just to be clear, I take this 100% as a compliment to the quality of the content I provide but also the validation that Accredited Institutions are training their students on and with my material.

The best thing for you is that instead of paying $5-10k+ to go to the Medical Sales College or $20k+annually to go to a University, you get it all right here for much less.

So, instead of going back to school, you can learn directly from me how I’ve been successful and have taught other people to be successful selling Medical Devices to Physicians and Surgeons.

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When I started as a Medical Sales Rep, nobody taught me how to make a sales call.

Nobody taught me how to set up a meeting.

Nobody taught me how to ask the right questions to find the decision maker.

Nobody taught me what a Sales Process was or how to utilize one to convert a customer.

The crazy thing is, I know I’m not alone with this. 

I’d like to tell you that things have changed and that when you start out as a Medical Sales Rep, you get trained on all the aspects of sales.

But the reality is that you don’t – and neither did I.

I still remember the first sales call I made in Ypsilanti, MI, where I sat in my car in the parking lot for about 20 minutes trying to figure out what to say when I walked in the door.

I began searching for sales training on my own but never found anything specific for Medical Sales. Everything was from a “Sales Guru” who wanted to apply the same sales routine and tactics to every sales job.

I didn’t know a lot at that point, but I knew enough to recognize that not every sales tactic in other industries would work in Medical Sales.

So, I began studying multiple Sales Training techniques, programs, books, online courses, etc. and started implementing what I thought would work in this field and left what I didn’t think applied or would be appropriate.

Ultimately, what I built here for you is a Sales Program that takes the best ideas from the “Mainstream Sales Guru’s” and filters them through my own experience in this field.

This gives you a Sales Training Program that is unique to Medical Device Sales. I don’t claim that these tactics will work in other industries – although I hear from people who follow them and have success in other industries.

What’s most important to know is that sales tactics for some industries, quite simply, won’t work for Medical Sales. 

Medical Sales is a unique industry that requires a higher-level approach to Selling, and that’s what you will find here.


These are some of my favorite sales and business focused books that have impacted the way I personally work and the way I built this program.

 I have learned from these and many others about how to develop a business, develop a customer, the psychological side of sales and the way to consistently produce results.

I would recommend these books to you, as well as some others, but what’s most valuable in this program is that I have learned what these (and other) authors teach that will work and is applicable to Medical Sales, and what doesn’t work for our industry.

If you are looking for a way to advance as a sales professional with a focus in Medical Sales, this is the program for you.


For completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate with Your Name and the Date of Completion of this program.

We provide this certification because we know that the knowledge you will gain from this program is truly valuable and will help you stand out in the interview process.

There isn’t a substitute for having personal sales experience, but just because somebody has sales experience, doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. 

I know many people who have sales experience but couldn’t give you a thorough description of their sales process, how to handle objections, how to close deals, etc. 

What this certification ultimately provides is proof that you understand the important details about medical sales that will actually get you results in the field.


If you are not completely satisfied with this program, simply send us an email at within the first 30-days and we will give you a no-questions asked refund.


  1. Welcome to the Sales Program
  1. Everything in life is Sales
  2. Sales and Economics
  3. Why Salespeople get a bad Reputation
  4. Sales Professionals vs Amateurs
  5. The Most Successful Reps
  6. Which Personality Type is best for Medical Sales
  7. Predicting the Future in Sales
  8. Why People don’t want to be in Sales
  1. You Can’t Make Anyone Buy Anything
  2. Your First Sale
  3. Selling with Conviction
  4. Why do People buy Products?
  5. Defining Product Features vs Benefits
  6. Selling Features & Benefits
  7. Selling Value, Not Product
  8. The Customer is not Always Right
  9. Ask Yourself Why 3-Times
  10. If you Sell on Price you’ll Lose on Price
  11. Selling on Price and Quality
  12. In the People Business
  13. Managing Customer Expectations
  14. Under-Promise, Over-Deliver?
  1. Seeing is Believing
  2. 3rd Party Data
  3. Relationship Selling
  4. Talking vs Communicating
  5. Building Trust with the Customer
  6. Listen but Don’t Buy
  1. Objective of Sales Pitch
  2. 30 Second Pitch
  3. 2 Minute Pitch
  1. Attitude, Activity, Approach
  2. People Love to Buy, They Don’t Want to be Sold
  3. It’s Not Just A Numbers Game
  4. No to Yes through Maybe
  5. The Filler vs The Thriller
  1. Defining the Sales Process
  2. Steps of the Sales Process
  3. Marathon vs Sprint
  4. Common Mistakes with the Sales Process
  1. Objective of Prospecting
  2. Identifying Ideal Targets
  3. How and Where to Find Customers
  4. Finding Key Contact Information
  5. Setting up Cold Calling
  6. Drive with your Eyes Open
  1. Objective of the Cold Call
  2. Removing Initial Barriers
  3. Cold Emails
  4. Introducing Yourself to the Receptionist
  5. Introducing Yourself to the Physician
  6. Minimum Information you need to Leave With
  7. Read the Environment
  1. Objective of Discovery Meeting
  2. Preparing for a Discovery Meeting
  3. Starting off the Discovery Meeting
  4. Best Questions to Ask
  5. Questions to Avoid
  6. Telling Your Story
  1. Objective of Product Presentation
  2. What Makes the Difference During a Product Presentation
  1. Transitioning from Selling to Closing
  2. Formula for Closing
  3. Hard Selling vs Hard Closing
  4. When to Pressure vs Be Patient
  5. Asking More than Once
  1. Objective of Follow-Up
  2. Leaving a Voicemail
  3. Email Follow-Up
  4. Thank You Notes
  5. Creative Follow-Up Ideas

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1,574 Students and counting...