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I am Kolby Wood, the Founder of the Medical Sales Certification Program which was a side project for me for a number of years before I decided to go all-in producing these programs. From the first day I started in medical sales, I knew a platform like this would be invaluable for aspiring medical sales reps, as well as young reps trying to find their way in a very difficult and competitive environment. 



I was born in Portland, Oregon, but moved to Michigan when I was young and that is where I call home. Our town was small (two stoplights) but was close enough to big cities to get a taste for the faster-paced lifestyle available to anyone that wants it. I don’t believe one is right and one is wrong, but I always knew I wanted to be around the big cities and faster-paced lifestyle.

Growing up, my family didn’t discuss careers or finances much as we were more focused on sports and activities. I didn’t understand the value of being smart and learning from others who had created success, so I put just enough time into school to get by while I focused my time primarily on sports.

As I progressed through high school, I excelled in baseball and was fortunate enough to earn a scholarship as a college athlete at the University of Michigan. But like in high school, I was solely focused on my baseball career and spent little time thinking about, let alone planning, for my future outside of baseball. As I saw my career coming to an end my senior year, that’s when I realized I had truly missed my opportunity in college. I spent five years there and was going to walk out of the place with nothing more than a piece of paper and a significant amount of debt.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret going to college, but I do regret how I spent my time while I was there. If I could do things over, I would have thought long and hard about what I wanted to do as a career and would have spent a considerable amount of time setting myself up for success in that area. But because I didn’t do that, I have spent the last seven years doubling down and trying to play catch-up.


This Program:

The most shocking thing I have learned since college is how little time is spent during the first 16 years of school exposing students to real world jobs and teaching them the important skill sets that matter as an adult. Not once in my 16+ years of school did anyone tell me that the majority of CEO’s start out in sales, or that sales as a career can be very rewarding financially and personally. 

It could be that I was raised in a unique situation and that most students are exposed to those realities, but my assumption is that most are not. Instead of learning how to make a sales call, we learn the state bird for all 50 states (very useful information).

And I ended up like most college graduates who don’t know what they want to do with their life – they get a sales job!

And as I was preparing for my first job out of college, I assumed the company would provide me all the training I would need on sales and anatomy and procedures. But to my surprise, on my first day of work, I was given a 3-ring binder with some anatomy and procedure information and was told to learn it. 

I didn’t receive any formal sales training. Nobody taught me how to make a cold call or how to follow up on a customer or how to handle an objection. It was essentially trial by fire and let’s see who can handle it.

It was from this first day on the job that I knew I would eventually build a program like the one here for aspiring medical sales reps and young reps who are looking for some structured training. I was lucky to have taken anatomy and physiology classes in college so I could pick up that part of the job more quickly than others, but the sales side of the business was completely foreign to me and I was terrible at it.

Fast forward to today, I have spent the last seven years studying sales at a fundamental level and learning the intricacies of orthopedic surgery. If you are somebody who is looking to get into medical sales or you are somebody who recently started out and you want to take your career success into your own hands, this may be the program for you.

Please check out our available programs and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

If you are somebody who believes you have what it takes to be a medical sales rep and are willing to put in the work to make it happen, we are the place you have been looking for. Anyone who has the ability to take what they learn in these programs and translate them into the real world would be the ideal candidate for these programs.

There are two primary ways these programs will help you get hired as a medical sales rep:

1) The knowledge you can bring into your new role on day one is extremely valuable to medical device companies. What you learn in these programs will make you stand out in your interviews and help you contribute to your company on day one.

2) Because there are no accreditation’s for medical sales reps, Medical Device Companies want to hire people who have invested in their career up-front. They understand this is a high turnover industry and much of that comes from new hires being unprepared for life as a medical sales rep. The fact that you have the knowledge base up-front and you know what to expect on a day-to-day basis makes you an extremely valuable and low-risk hire.

I can tell you from personal experience that I was hired without any sales experience, and I know many people who have done the same. That being said, if you do have sales experience or you understand the fundamentals of sales, you are going to be a more valuable candidate than somebody who doesn’t have any experience or knowledge of sales.

It has been my experience that the majority of medical sales reps don’t have a background in medicine or the healthcare field. It is certainly not a requirement to have a medical background, but it definitely gives you an advantage to understand medicine and the healthcare field as a whole.

My recommendation to college students, and what I wish I would have done while I was in college, is begin learning the sales part of the business and the surgical part of the business whenever time allows. The only thing standing between you and a medical sales career is your ability to convince the company to hire you. And the way you get them to hire you is by already knowing the things they expect to have to teach you.

As it stands today, there is no standard “Certification” for a Medical Sales career. Unlike other industries that require accredited classes and certifications, there are no guidelines for a medical sales career. The “Certification” you would receive today will be used as a tool to get you the career you want. Our programs are intended to be used as one of the primary reasons a company will hire you. 

We recognize that these programs need to be an ever evolving course based on new research, new products, new techniques and new ideas that help medical sales reps. We are adding additional content to our programs every week.

The Medical Sales Overview Program is a completely free program for anyone who wants to learn what a medical sales career is all about. Also, we have a podcast with over 60 episodes that is totally free and covers a wide variety of topics specific to medical sales.

If you do not get the results you want with our program, you can receive a 100% guaranteed full refund within 60 days of purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, simply send us an email with your refund request and the reason why the program has not worked for you and we will immediately refund your entire purchase.

Our programs are specifically designed for orthopedic medical sales and will be an asset for you in the hiring process. You’re welcome to try to get into medical sales on your own, but most people don’t know where to begin or what they need to learn to actually break into the industry. Not only are you receiving the exact information you need to know, you’re also getting it from somebody who has worked their entire career in the industry, been through the interview process over 10 times, hired multiple medical sales reps and is currently working in the industry on a day-to-day basis.

The most important difference between the Medical Sales Certification Program and the Medical Sales College is that we require a score of 100% on each knowledge check, while they require a score of 70% to pass.

You could say that the Medical Sales College is an easier program to pass than ours, but we don’t believe that is a good thing.

If the education system actually worked for everyone, it would require that each person score 100% before moving on to new material. At a fundamental level, it doesn’t make any sense to move students forward to more complex material before they have mastered the basic material first. And in the real world, trust me, being right 70% of the time in our industry will get you fired.

The important thing to know about the Medical Sales College is that, while they are an accredited institution, the only thing students receive at the end of the program is a “Certificate of Completion”. Because there are no industry standards for a medical sales rep, the certificate you would receive from the Medical Sales College and the certificate you would receive from the Medical Sales Certification Program would have the same value. The only difference would be in how a certificate from the Medical Sales College vs the Medical Sales Certification Program would be perceived and valued by Medical Device Companies.

Therefore, if you are deciding between our programs and theirs, you must keep in mind that getting hired is going to fundamentally come down to what you know about the sales and surgical sides of the business and how good you are at interviewing. Objectively, you must ask yourself if it is worth paying 10x more for their program than ours, when in the end, you will be receiving a Certification from both programs.

There are two main reasons why our programs cost significantly less than the Medical Sales College:

1) The Medical Sales College spends a significant amount of money every year to be classified as an “Accredited Institution”. The Accreditation is costly and, as we discussed earlier, doesn’t actually translate into a “Medical Sales Degree”. From our perspective, maintaining the Accreditation is a marketing angle that increases the price of their programs on the students.

2) They have “Hard Costs”, like buildings, teachers, administration and other fixed costs. Getting an in-person, hands-on education is good but also comes at a significant cost to you, the student. You are inevitably paying for the salaries of the people working there, the rent on the buildings, the cost of the “Accreditation” and everything else they pay for on a daily basis. 

Our program is significantly less costly because we have extremely low overhead costs, we haven’t and don’t intend on pursuing “Accreditation” and our objective is to provide the best medical sales training program at a price that works for everyone.

Any cost that a business has are inevitably passed on to it’s customers. In this case, being “Accredited” is a significant expense that you, as the student, would be paying for. If we thought that being accredited would be worth it for you on the back end, we would do it, but it simply doesn’t provide the value to offset the cost. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to be paying for an accreditation, knowing that the value of that accreditation wouldn’t be giving me any additional competitive advantage when it comes to actually getting hired in medical sales.

Ultimately, you are relying on the fact that we have been in this industry for many years and are giving you the information you truly need to know to have a successful career in medical sales. 

A Bachelors Degree is not required for our programs or for getting hired in medical sales. I have worked with a couple reps who did not have a bachelors degree.

That being said, it will certainly be more difficult for you to get a job in medical sales without a bachelors degree. The industry wants their reps to have bachelors degrees because they are generally accepted as the norm in our society. 

For anyone that truly cannot afford our programs, we do not want to keep these trainings from you. I have been in those shoes before where I couldn’t afford programs like these and I would have been extremely grateful to have somebody share this information with me to get me started. If this is you, please send us an email explaining your situation and, assuming everything checks out, we will provide you these programs at no-charge.