“I started listening to your podcast a little while ago. I think you have the most applicable, realistic and beneficial advice I’ve heard in a long time.”

– Austin K.

“I was listening to your podcast recently and wanted to reach out. I really enjoyed the interview episode and the example you shared. I’ve been in the industry a little over 5 years, and despite thinking I interview well, I’ve never thought about it this way.”

– Catie L.

“Hey man just wanted to give you a thank you for the advice recently. I accepted a job as a rep this week and can definitely say your advice helped out so much.”

– Reese B.

“Thank you so much for all of your guidance. I greatly appreciate it. Especially since you don’t even know me and you certainly didn’t have to.”

– Kristy G.

“I have great news!! I finally got an offer for a medical sales position!!”

– Kayli C.

“I am a huge fan of your podcast and wanted to thank you for producing such an informative and high quality program. I am registered for the certification program and look forward to completing it.”

– Andre L.

“I have been devouring your podcast this morning and absolutely love it. I’m definitely going to get on your website this evening.”

– Aaron R.

“And again.. the podcasts are amazing! I’m learning so much already”

– Amy J.

“Just wanted to let you know I have been going through the certification program, and the videos are awesome. being able to visually focus in just help the information stick.”

– Kaleb B.

“First of all, great podcast! I have been listening to a few episodes every morning.”

– Nick C.

“Great stuff man… stumbled on your page today. Already listened to 3 of your podcasts.”

– Phil D.

“I have really been enjoying your podcast and will be taking your online course”

– Devin D.

“I just recently started listening to the Medical Sales Certification Podcast and I feel as if I am already developing a really solid base of medical sales knowledge and what goes into that line of work.”

– Jake K.

“I have been listening to your podcast for about a week now and it is going great so far. I have recently accepted a medical device sales job and will be starting it in May.”

– David N.

“I’m a new rep who just found your podcast. Keep up the great content!”

– John S.

“I’m searching for passion in what I do and I’m finding your guidance helpful. Just wanted to share my story and say thanks”

– Brandon V.

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