Complete Sales Program


The Complete Sales Program is still a work in progress. Some of the lessons are complete, while others are not.

Feel free to sign up and start taking the lessons that are completed.

Program Topics & Lessons

  1. Introduction to the Complete Sales Program
  2. Sales as a Career
    1. Everything in Life is Sales
    2. Sales and Economics
    3. Why Salespeople Get a Bad Reputation
    4. Sales Professionals vs Amateurs
    5. The Most Successful Reps
    6. Which Personality Type is Best for Medical Sales
    7. Predicting the Future in Sales
    8. Why People Don’t Want to be in Sales
  3. Sales Basics
    1. You Can’t Make Anyone Buy Anything
    2. Your First Sale
    3. Selling with Conviction
    4. Why do People Buy Products?
    5. Defining Product Features and Benefits
    6. Selling Features and Benefits
    7. Selling Value, Not Product
    8. The Customer is Not Always Right
    9. Ask Yourself Why Three Times
    10. If You Sell on Price You’ll Lose on Price
    11. Selling on Price and Quality
    12. In the People Business
  4. Time with the Customer
    1. Servicing vs Selling
    2. Building Trust with the Customer
    3. Never Break Trust with the Customer
    4. Listen but don’t Buy
    5. Self-Awareness with the Customer
    6. Help Your Customers Keep their Word
  5. Controlling the Sale
    1. Seeing is Believing
    2. 3rd Party Data
    3. Relationship Selling
    4. Talking vs Communicating
  6. Customer Psychology
    1. 25 Cognitive Biases
    2. 6 Laws of Influence
    3. Selling to Multiple Personality Types
    4. Confidently Selling Your Product
    5. Addressing Customer Concerns
    6. Understanding Customer Persuasion
    7. Why You Shouldn’t Pursue Win/Win
    8. Open-Ended Non-Directed Questions
  7. Sales Process
    1. Defining the Sales Process
    2. Steps of the Sales Process
    3. Marathon vs Sprint
    4. Common Mistakes with the Sales Process
  8. Prospecting
    1. Objective of Prospecting
    2. Identifying Ideal Targets
    3. How and Where to Find Customers
    4. Finding Key Contact Information
    5. Setting up Cold Calling
    6. Drive with Your Eyes Open
  9. Cold Calling
    1. Objective of the Cold Call
    2. Removing Initial Barriers
    3. Cold Emails
    4. Introducing Yourself to the Receptionist
    5. Introducing Yourself to the Doctor
    6. Minimum Information You Need to Leave with
    7. Read the Environment
  10. Discovery Meeting
    1. Objective of the Discovery Meeting
    2. Preparing for the Discovery Meeting
    3. Starting off the Discovery Meeting
    4. Best Questions to Ask
    5. Questions to Avoid
    6. Telling Your Story
  11. Product Presentation
    1. Objective of Product Presentation
    2. What Makes the Difference During Product Presentation
  12. Follow-Up
    1. Objective of Follow-Up
    2. Leaving a Voicemail
    3. Email Follow-Up
    4. Thank You Notes
    5. Creative Follow-Up Ideas
  13. Sales Pitch
    1. Objective of the Sales Pitch
    2. 30-second Pitch
    3. 2-minute Pitch
  14. Uncovering the Objection
    1. What is the Real Objection
    2. The Best Questions to Ask
    3. When is Price the Real Objection
  15. Handling Objections
    1. How to Approach Handling Objections
    2. Correctly Time Handling the Objection
  16. Closing Strategies
    1. Transitioning from Selling to Closing
    2. Formula for Closing
    3. Hard Selling vs Hard Closing
    4. When to Pressure vs Be Patient
  17. How to Deal with Price
    1. Protecting Your Business from Lower Prices
    2. What to do when the Customer Asks for a Lower Price
    3. Negotiating Price
  18. CRM Utilization
  19. Territory Management
  20. Success Blueprint
    1. Daily Sales Gameplan
    2. Attitude, Activity, Approach
    3. People Love to Buy, they don’t Want to be Sold
    4. It’s not JUST a Numbers Game
    5. Winging-It
    6. “Be Like Water”
    7. No-to-Yes through Maybe
    8. The Filler vs The Thriller
    9. One Thing Never Blows a Deal
    10. Create Good Problems in Sales